A Man Called Ove

Rating: 5 Stars

Author: Fredrik Backman

Backman has created a funny and heart wrenching portrayal of growing old. This book toyed with my emotions. I hated Ove. I loved Ove. I cried over Ove. I laughed at him. But most of all, I rooted for him. The novel is a phenomenal depiction of the loneliness that can accompany growing old as well as the jubilations and trials along the way. I will probably be staying indoors for a while to avoid running into any senior citizens. I fear I might attempt to hug them and tell them how valuable they are as an individual (and if I find someone like Ove, I may get punched in the nose). This book is absolutely worth the time investment and I'm looking forward to the film.

SAM Munich

Milwaukee native trying to make sense of adult life with books and food.

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