All the Bright Places


Author: Jennifer Niven

This was a very hard book to review. I think this is a timely and necessary book for readers of all ages. With the focus on suicide and mental health, I fully understand why this book is important and emotional for many people. I completely understand why many have adored this book. With the stigma surrounding mental health and the lack of understanding by the general public that people can't just get better or think positive thoughts and magically cure depression, readers NEED characters like Finch and Violet. Unfortunately, I found Finch to be unrealistic. He was quirky and cool and adventurous but he was labeled a "freak" by his peers. A popular girl suddenly finds him relatable and worthy of her friendship... This was just unrelatable to me. I wanted Finch to be more like me. I wanted to be able to find myself in him and I couldn't.

This is definitely a book I'll still recommend to others, I just personally didn't connect with it the way I KNOW my peers have.

All the Bright Places

SAM Munich

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