Author: Liza Wiemer

I was VERY pleasantly surprised by this book. I'm still processing the fact that this is Wiemer's first young adult book. Hold on, let me repeat that, Hello? is Wiemer's FIRST young adult book. So she's managed to make relatable, funny, realistic, annoying and lovable characters who transported me back to my high school days. I actually texted my best book blogger friend Rachel at Basic Book Blog "I just feel like I'm in high school again." This book left me feeling a little raw and very emotional. Wiemer effortlessly navigated the trauma of teenage life as her characters grappled with death, childhood ghosts, and break ups. Wiemer is a Wisconsin author (hey there, hometown girl!) and her description of small-town life hit the nail on the head (much more so than anything else I've read). I am so thrilled I picked up this book and can't wait to recommend it.

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SAM Munich

Milwaukee native trying to make sense of adult life with books and food.

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