Here Comes The New Year

Happiness is a choice.

I firmly believe this.

It is a little early to start with the New Year's resolution blog posts, but I'm really excited about this so I'm not waiting (I'm also not waiting for January to start... I'm kind of a rebel).

So this year, I am going put a glass jar/container in the middle of my kitchen island and I'm going to make a point to write down something good about each day.

A memory
or a funny moment
or even just the book I finished that day.

Maybe I'll just fill the jar with colorful pieces of paper (because colorful is fun!). Maybe I'll fold the memories into stars (sounds like a lot of work...). But I'm going fill my life with happiness (cheesy? yes, but also totally serious). And next December, I'm going to open the jar and remember all the wonderful things that happened in 2017.

I'd love for you to join me in this endeavor! There are so many ways to do this "challenge" (bullet journal page, a list on the fridge, slips of paper in a box, colorful origami in a jar), so make it your own! Please let me know on social media or via email if you're joining me.

Here's a 1/2 Gallon Jar that works for more than one person doing the challenge.
Here are some colorful paper strips

SAM Munich

Milwaukee native trying to make sense of adult life with books and food.

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