Ship of Brides


Author: Jojo Moyes

Version: Penguin Audio read by Nicolette McKenzie

I enjoyed this audiobook immensely. The group of main characters were representative of any group of girls with whom I've interacted. The characters had varied temperaments and quirks that ultimately caused the chaos of the plot. I connected easily with the characters and was very curious about their individual fates. My favorite part about the book was that it was about war brides traveling to their husband's homeland. It had not previously occurred to me that there would have been a mess exodus of young women after the conclusion of the war. For some reason, I found this to be an extremely intriguing premise. Moyes did an excellent job exploring the delicate situation these women were in as they travelled across the world to join their husbands with whom they had spent little to no time with. Definitely recommend this one.

SAM Munich

Milwaukee native trying to make sense of adult life with books and food.

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