The Sun is Also A Star


Author: Nicola Yoon

This was a highly entertaining and heartwarming story. Yoon created a vibrant (JUST like that stellar cover) and optimistic story that was inspiring to read. I found her two main characters endearing and relatable. The storyline had the potential to be cheesy, predictable, and cliche (despite the refreshingly diverse main characters), but it wasn't. I'm a firm "non-believer" in happy endings, or fate, or really any of those gushy made-for-tv concepts (BOY do I sound like an engineer or what?), but Yoon found a way to take concepts that are abstract (to me) and make them approachable and even, I daresay, believable. She challenged my personal world view with this novel that could have so easily lacked substance. I loved reading about the experiences of a first generation American and an immigrant family living in New York. Keep up the good work, Yoon. I can't wait to read more.

This book was recently chosen by the Book of the Month club which I adore and you can join here.

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