The Thousandth Floor


Author: Katharine McGee

I was sucked into this story from the first chapter. The book had the glamorous feeling of a Gatsby party and I found myself dying to live in the futuristic work McGee created. The characters were mostly elite-class teenagers with a few lower-class perspectives intertwined. The story takes place in the Tower, the future of skyscrapers. The higher you live in the Tower, the wealthier you are. It was fascinating to read about the difference in lifestyle between the lower floor dwellers and the elite. If I could have called in sick to work to finish this book faster, I would have. The book doesn't make any grand political statements or earth shattering revelations, but it was a joy to read. It read like a fun YA novel and focused on the drama between friends and acquaintances. This is the first book I've been genuinely excited about in a very long time. I hope you feel the same way.

SAM Munich

Milwaukee native trying to make sense of adult life with books and food.

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