What's stopping you?

For as long as I can remember I've been keeping a mental list of things I need (NEED, not want) to do during this lifetime.

  • Finish a marathon. (Run/walk totally counts...)
  • Go to a World Series Game. (Baseball IS America's pastime. Football needs to calm down)
  • Get a dog and name her Scout. (Because dad would never let me name one of his dogs Scout. Rude.)
  • See my Indiana Hoosiers win a National Championship. (Please, IU fire Crean. Please?!)
  • Travel.

A couple years ago I was telling some poor soul about my wish to complete a marathon someday (sorry whoever you were, I'm sure you weren't even remotely interested in my dreams of torturing myself for 26.2 miles). It was a short, surface-level conversation but it let me thinking "what am I waiting for?" So I stopped making excuses and I picked a half marathon and set a training schedule (because let's be realistic here, I wasn't ready to dive into a FULL marathon from the get-go).

So seriously, what's stopping you? Is it money, "time," location, or are you just making excuses? Don't stand in your own way.

I finished my first marathon just over a year ago and then finished another in June for good measure. I can assure you, I'll never do that again. But, I realized I'm not taking any steps to accomplish the other goals on my list. As a result I've felt like I've just been treading water in my personal life as the world swims on by. So I made the decision to start saving for a trip to Germany and then for a trip to Peru. I'll be getting my passport next month and living off of peanut butter and tortilla chips, but I feel suddenly buoyant. I am overjoyed to feel a bit more purpose to my budget and I have a brand new pep in my step. In the future, I plan to proactively ask myself, "what's stopping me?" before I lose sight of my love for life.

Marathon Photo

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