White Chicken Chili


Prep time: 30 Minutes

SOMEONE tell me, who in the WORLD can prep chicken, veggies, and open cans in FIVE minutes (as the recipe says). Are there superhuman people out there writing these recipes??
Tweaks: I added approximately 3 times the spices (except the cayenne pepper because I was serving people who don't like spice). 3 times the called for spices was the correct amount.

Categories: Dinner, gluten free

Review: This chili was amazing. Words can't describe how phenomenally this recipe turned out. This will forever be my go-to chili recipe. I served the leftovers over rice and that was amazing. I added some green hot sauce for the kick I wanted, but didn't want to force upon others. If I could marry this chili, I would. Put the cilantro on top, seriously.

I found this recipe via Pinterest: Check it out here

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